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Clinical Research Experience: Since 2009, Huron Gastro has participated in 18  interventional and non-interventional clinical research studies. We have experience with Phase 2, 3, and 4 studies. As a preferred partner for many clinical research organizations, we consistently work in a collaborative and productive way to ensure a high-quality, research experience.      

Recruitment: Our clinical research site was a top recruiting site in the United States for the last two Phase 3 studies we participated in.  Our recruitment success is driven first and foremost by a coordinated effort between our providers and our research and information technology departments. Through our databases, we can perform customized searches that allow us to quickly identify potential study subjects and meet all enrollment goals. Once patients are enrolled, we pride ourselves on clear communication to them about the expectations and logistics of the clinical research experience.

Facilities and Resources:  Huron Gastro is a private gastroenterology practice on the campus of a large community teaching hospital, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System (SJMHS).  In addition to our own on-site endoscopy suites and infusion rooms, we leverage our proximity to the hospital for convenient access to a variety of state-of-the-art equipment and services that is available through the hospital’s clinical research infrastructure. This includes phlebotomy, specimen processing for shipping (IATA certified staff), -20/-70 specimen freezers, local laboratory tests, pathology, radiology, EKGs, and research pharmacy services. The hospital’s research pharmacy, staffed by personnel with Doctor of Pharmacy degrees (Pharm.D.), provides reliable 24/7 IP receipt and accounting, IP dispensing and compounding, and IP ambient/refrigerated drug storage. Additionally, for the convenience of our monitors, Huron Gastro has a designated monitoring room with internet/Wi-Fi capacity and a dedicated laptop computer with access to our electronic health record.  

Research Investigators and Staff:  Our research team has Human Subjects and GCP certifications and is approved by the SJMHS IRB to participate in human subject research. Our team of nine gastroenterologists, one hepatologist, one physician assistant, three research nurses, and one research coordinator are dedicated to providing sponsors with  reliable and clean data while making patient safety our highest priority.

IRB:  Huron Gastro is required to use SJMHS’s IRB.  It meets monthly, with submission deadlines occurring two weeks prior.  Turnaround time for approval is usually less than two days.

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For additional information about our site, please contact our research department or our Principle Investigator:

Ellen Dobrusin, Ph. D.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Phone:  (734) 714-0523

Email:  ellend@hurongastro.com

Naresh Gunaratnam, M.D.

Director of Research

Phone:  ( 734) 434-6262