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What is it?

The Hygieacare system is an FDA-cleared system for colon cleansing  when medically indicated with a physician's prescription, such as before an endoscopic examination and for the relief of chronic constipation and bloating. The system effectively cleans the bowel using a gentle infusion of warm, gravity-flow filtered water. Over 20,000 patients have chosen Hygieacare at other US locations with excellent outcomes and satisfaction.


Patients with the following indications would not qualify for the Hygieacare system: 
Congestive heart failure, renal insufficiency, intestinal perforation, recent colon or rectal surgery, carcinoma of the rectum, abdominal surgery, fissures or fistula, first and last trimester of pregnancy, severe hemorrhoids, cirrhosis, and abdominal hernia.


HygiRelief offers a solution for chronic constipation and bloating.  The process is safe, painless, and effective. Patients can get relief in less than an hour in a private, professional environment. The cost is $145*.

If you are interested in HygiRelief for chronic constipation and bloating, you will need a referral from our Huron Gastro provider or from your primary care provider for your visit.


HygiPrep is a simpler and easier bowel prep for colonoscopy. It replaces the traditional oral prep and is safe, fast, easy and comfortable. It is done  on the same day as your colonoscopy, so no need to take additional time away from work or other daily activities. The cost is $245*.

If you are interested in HygiPrep as an alternative to the traditional oral prep before your colonoscopy, you will need a referral from our Huron Gastro provider.

The procedure

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Our trained technician will lead you to your private room, where you will be seated on the sanitized basin. A sterile disposable nozzle will be introduced into the rectum.    A gentle stream of warm water will flow into the bowel, loosening stool.

Water continues to flow allowing you to comfortably and discreetly evacuate your colon. The trained technician will instruct you on completion of the procedure, which routinely takes less than 2 hours.


Huron Gastro 
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Call us for a consultation or to schedule an appointment: 734-290-8437

*The HygiPrep® cost is not covered by insurance and is payable prior to the service at the Hygieacare® Center, either by credit/debit card or a flexible spending account (FSA), Debit Card that access health reimbursement accounts (HRA), and health savings accounts (HSA).