Huron Gastro offers its patients the opportunity to participate in FDA-approved clinical trials with the goal of improving their digestive health. Our research department is staffed with full-time research coordinators, who have been extensively trained and certified in clinical research to provide patients with the best possible experience. All of our clinical studies are supervised by board-certified gastroenterologists with training, expertise, and credentialing in clinical research.

FDA-approved clinical research trials in gastroenterology evaluate the effectiveness of new and innovative treatments for a variety of gastrointestinal diseases and contribute to our society’s broader scientific understanding of digestive health. As part of the clinical research experience, patients not only receive cutting-edge medications and treatments that are tailored to their digestive health needs, but also attentive, personalized care throughout the entire research process. Participation in a clinical trial is free, and participants may receive a financial stipend.

Although there is no guarantee that a study drug will become FDA-approved or successfully treat a patient’s disease, the drug and study results may help physicians find new ways to treat the disease of interest or other diseases in the future.

What Studies Are Currently Enrolling at Huron Gastro? 

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