Huron Gastro COVID-19 Alert

With the rapidly-changing recommendations on COVID-19 safety, Huron Gastro is taking every possible measure to ensure the safety and health of you—our patients—as well as our staff and healthcare providers. We will attempt to provide you with information on any changes to our services as quickly as possible and provide updates here as they become available.

To this end, as you may know, our office and endoscopy center (Center for Digestive Care) have been closed. In the interim before re-opening, we have been offering telemedicine services as well as medically-necessary procedural services at our partner hospitals. We have also been offering medically-necessary medication infusions at various locations.


That said, we are currently planning for a partial re-opening of both our office-based and our endoscopy/procedural services on May 11th. At that time, we will be offering urgent (as deemed by your gastroenterologist) office and procedural appointments. Elective procedures will continue to be rescheduled for future dates. We will also continue to offer telemedicine services as we are currently doing.


If you currently have an office or procedure appointment in May, our scheduling teams will be calling you in the coming days and weeks to discuss your options.


If your procedure remains scheduled as is, on the day of your procedure, your driver will be asked to wait in their car, rather than the reception area, and to have their cellphone charged and handy. We will call your driver on their cellphone when your procedure is complete, and your driver will pick you up at the door. Your driver will also be given our direct phone number in the unlikely event that they need to leave before your procedure is complete.


If your office visit is slated to be transitioned to a telemedicine visit, our schedulers will also call you to discuss this process.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this challenging time. We are grateful for your continued trust in us and will strive to continue to provide you with excellent service and compassionate care.