Huron Gastro COVID-19 Alert


  • Due to the colder weather, we are now offering the option for drivers to wait in their car OR in our waiting room.
    • One Driver/Visitor per patient in waiting room for limited seating capacity
    • Masks are required while in the building
    • Drivers who wait in their cars will need to remain on the premises or within 10 minutes of the building to be available in case of patient emergencies for all procedures and office visits


Exceptions to this policy may be made for drivers to accompany a patient into the Prep area or Clinic Exam Rooms:

  • Drivers who provide physical and/or emotional support to the patient in terms of ambulation and activites of daily living
  • Drivers who have power of attorney or are appointed guardians of the patient
  • Drivers who may be needed to assist with providing patient information
  • Drivers who have health or mobility issues and may be adversely affected during extreme weather condition, or who may need close proximity to the restrooms

Thank You for your cooperation!

We will no longer be requiring pre-procedure COVID testing at this time. However, if you are having any COVID symptoms, we ask that you call to reschedule your appointment.