GI Group Therapy


At Huron Gastro we are excited to offer GI Group Therapy for the treatment of GI-related behavioral health issues. GI Group therapy takes a Behavioral Health approach that focuses on the Brain-Gut Connection. Our GI therapist will provide education on specific GI behavioral health topics and teach skills to address a specific concern. We will have handouts and resources, sent through email for group on education around GI Behavioral Health.

Group treatment visits take place using video conferencing applications on Zoom video conference call. For these visits you will:

  • Need to attend from a private location and have your video camera turned on
  • Be highly encouraged to complete assignments between each group visit to get the most out of your experience

The Brain Gut Connection

The Brain-Gut connection is complex and bidirectional. Signals pass both ways between your digestive system and central nervous system, and health or disease in one can affect the other.

Benefits of Group Therapy

  • Access to a group setting with others with similar GI symptoms and conditions.
  • Exploration of living with GI Condition with a focus on:
    • Managing GI conditions with behavioral therapies
    • Learning new coping and tool sets to manage stress through:
      • Relaxation techniques
      • Mindfulness
      • Hypnotherapy
      • Cognitive Behavioral therapy
    • Facilitates a supportive environment
    • Allows for patients to connect to others living with GI conditions
    • Is private and confidential within the group setting

You may be a good candidate for GI behavioral group therapy if:

  • You find that life stressors make the symptoms of your GI condition worse
  • You are excessively worried about the impact of your symptoms
  • You have trouble understanding your condition or treatment plan
  • You have trouble relaxing
  • You are experiencing anxiety or depression because of your symptoms
  • You feel as though you do not have an adequate support system

Group-Living with GI Symptoms

Below you will find out more about our group we will offer to current Huron Gastro Patients.

  • Group therapy will be 10 sessions and will meet every other week over zoom
  • Group therapy sessions will be 1 hour
  • Group therapy is facilitated by our social worker, Melissa Aldrich LCSW, with over 18 years of experience working in the mental health field of therapy
  • Group treatment visits take place using video conferencing applications (Zoom)

For these visits you will need to:

  • You will need to attend from a private location
  • Complete assignments between each group visit to get the most out of your therapy

To Get Connected to our Group:

  • Please contact our Behavioral Health Line Phone Number at 734-961-6770
  • Huron Gastro’s Main Health Line at 734-434-6262
  • You may also reach out to your provider for a referral to our group