Welcome to Huron Gastro’s weight-management services. Our specialized team of gastroenterologists, nutritional experts, and clinical staff are eager to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

As you may know, in losing weight, you will significantly reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, as well as optimize your digestive health and wellbeing. Losing weight can be a frustrating and emotional experience, but our aim is to partner with you on your weight-loss journey—providing guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way.

Our weight-management services are designed for people who have found it challenging to lose weight through diet and exercise alone. We offer a strategy that blends a physician-supervised diet (which includes the OPTIFASTÒ meal-replacement program), personalized fitness, and an endoscopic weight-loss tool called the ORBERAÒ balloon.


Our comprehensive approach to healthy eating includes strategies for developing a healthy-eating mindset, ridding your kitchen of unhealthy food, making good decisions at the grocery store, and improving your cooking habits. OPTIFASTÒ meal-replacement shakes are also offered for three months to help curb impulsive eating, control the amount of food you eat, and retrain your brain and stomach’s portion-control mechanisms. To learn more about the OPTIFASTÒ products that we use visit www.optifast.com.

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Personalized Fitness

We have aligned with the Washtenaw Community College Health & Fitness Center, Chelsea Wellness Center, and Dexter Wellness Center to offer you a personalized fitness program tailored to your needs and abilities. Features of the program include close monitoring of your physiological fitness metrics (i.e. physiologic age, waist-to-hip ratio, and much more), laboratory testing, and full access to the Health & Fitness Center.

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A safer alternative to invasive, permanent bariatric surgery (gastric bypass), the ORBERAÒ balloon provides our patients with a tremendous jumpstart on their weight loss. The small balloon, made of soft silicone and filled with saline, is placed into the stomach for six months via a simple, non-surgical, 30-minute endoscopic procedure. While in the stomach, the balloon occupies space, which will help you control portion sizes and lose weight. To learn more about the ORBERAÒ balloon visit  ORBERA or www.orbera.com


Contact us today to schedule a consultative appointment with one of our gastroenterologists or call or text Laura clinical nurse coordinator—at (734) 476-2964 who can answer initial questions that you may have. We look forward to meeting you!