ORBERA Intragastric Balloon

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ORBERA_In_StomachORBERA is for adults suffering from obesity who have struggled with achieving sustainable weight loss. The ORBERA balloon is a safer alternative to invasive, permanent gastric surgery.


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Understanding the ORBERA® Procedure

The small balloon, made of soft silicone and filled with saline, is endoscopically placed into your stomach for six months through a simple, non-surgical 30-minute procedure. While in the stomach, the balloon occupies space, which will help you control portion sizes and lose weight. Two office visits follow balloon placement. Then, the balloon is removed endoscopically.

See how it works:


Facts About ORBERA®

  • Safe and effective weight-loss solution
  • Over 220,000 placements worldwide spanning 20 years
  • FDA-approved
  • After six months with ORBERA®, people lost an average weight of 3.1 times more than with diet and exercise alone

What is included?

When patients undergo ORBERA balloon placement, they also receive the following services free from our Wellness program:

Meal Replacement Program   OPTIFAST_Product_Family_image

  • Personal consultant to help you choose your nutritious, meal-replacement products
  • 12-week lead-in, meal-replacement phase; additional time available if needed
  • Retrain your craving and portion-control mechanisms

     Wellness Meetings 

  • Meets every Thursday evening from 5pm - 6pm
  • Led by a registered nurse
  • Features educational lectures, activities, guest speakers, and cooking classes
  • Focuses on healthy-eating mindset and healthy behavioral habits
  • Meet with other participants and share experiences
  • Live-stream view via closed Facebook group

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition          Patient_image

  • Fit3D Scan - a digital representation of your body measurements. This will help track your progress during the program.
  • "The Next Steps Program" - A comprehensive fitness assessment and medically-supervised training program
    • Close monitoring of your physicological fitness metrics
    • Three locations: Chelsea, Dexter, and Washtenaw
    • Gym facilities are open 7 days a week
    • Participants receive a discounted membership fee with enrollment
  • Dietician Support
    • ​Counseling sessions with a registered dietician are available
    • Establish individualized goals
    • Create individualized meal plans
    • Explore healthy eating-out options
    • Understand personal diet needs and desires

Success Stories

Is ORBERA® Right For You?

While ORBERA does not require surgery, any medical procedure requires careful thought and consideration with your provider.

Basic requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • Body Mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40
  • Established diagnoses of one or more of the following: diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, fatty liver, esophageal reflux
  • Be willing to participate in a 12-month medically supervised program

Financing also available through www.financemyorbera.com and Lending USA

For more information, contact us today to schedule a consultative appointment with one of our gastroenterologists or call or text Laura—clinical nurse coordinator for our Wellness Program Orbera services—at (734) 476-2964 during business hours.